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The Drive Home

How was school today?


What did you learn?

We learned that women can't get it up because
they don't have it, and that the jews were really
asking for it.

Did you turn in your project?


Did she grade it yet?


                What did you have for lunch?

Well, the one line was pizzas and I like 'em so I was
in that line. I think the other line was hamburgers
or something.

   Your father's back today.

Really? What did he bring me!

He brought a restraining order, so I thought we'd move
out to California for a little while. How does that sound?

Can I bring my bike?

Hey, it's in the back now!


And all of your clothes, and Jimbo's in there somewhere.
The water dish, the leash, oh, and your asthma spray. I
filled up my arms and I ran like fuck.    I hope I remembered
to unlock the door.

Hahaha, daddy's gonna be surprised when he comes home
and everything's gone!

Yeah! Let's hope moving into that dump neighborhood
gets all his stuff cleared out!        He wouldn't dare cancel
the credit card if he knows your welfare....


Nothing, baby, nothing. Are you warm enough? I can see
those raised bumps.

Yeah. I'm fine. Are we gonna take a plane? There was
once, you know? When Yasmin's dad got really hot for
this lady? They took a plane like that! And it wasn't a Real
plane? So they had to charter onto it and it had propellers 

Well, our bird is safe, honey. There's no moving parts on
the front of this one.     I took my pills, my helper, my
Wonderbra, my vibraphone, my    checkbook,    the raisins.

I like raisins.

You're good!     You know, you always feel you've 
forgotten something.     The hair spray, your jammers,     the
coin bank of quarters,       here, put this on. You're cold.

I'm not cold.

I love you, babe.

I love you.

The time management books..       I'll call the principal tomorrow
and see that your grades are transferred. I want you to get that A
for the dental chart.

I don't see why I can't just quit college. Tommy's mom says
it takes forever to get the grades from the last place and 
mine still 

You just leave it to me, babe.    Lotion.   Glass eye      glass eye??

It's in the ash tray, mom.

Ha...    I love you, babe.

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