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Two Sisters' Thoughts as they Plummet to Hell

I remember when the Joke used to be a woman
having a ring through her nose. Now if you don't,
you're like the air conditioner in a car. You turn
on the switch and it sort of

Yeah, I know.

You can read my thoughts??

Hey.     Yeah!                 I guess it's because
we won't tell anybody again.    Like how your
mind is   concise and   you understand things.

I like this.

Yeah.                      How long until we hit?

I was thinking.                 Should we scream?

I really don't Feel like it.          That was up
there, the bridge. Like marriage.       It isn't the actual
ceremony that should be the big deal.   It's
the commitment.    Living together.

   I love talking to you this way.

Yeah.           It had to happen like this.    I
don't mind.     I've never seen an American
league game. That I used to mind.    And I wanted
to know what's the Real difference in splitting up
American and National? Do you know?

      You don't care much about yourself.    You
should think about the next world.    Did you do
it all right?  It's a selfish art.      What?      Don't
plummet at me like that?

              I left a note.    Did you leave a note?   I
didn't know what to say.       I screwed them. I
typed it all up, and typed my name at the bottom.
I didn't sign it. If there's an underworld or an
afterworld or crap I want to see what they do 
with that.               Hey, watch it.

I can't help it.

  Well                             just                  fall over there.     Okay?

had great times at coffee houses in Washington DC.
   Some of them at that one street were up on the
second floor, but they still had a deck going outside,
and you walk up all the stairs.

   What makes you think of that?

      You think of things.   I'm sorry.    god.     I keep

Don't worry about it.                        Just arms and
legs, it's limbs.               We're going to be together.
   It was only ever you and I.

I put my wallet in my pants, because I never had dental work.


Yeah.                   I don't know what they do with people
like that.     So I won't be you.

Yeah, but I had cavities.

How many?

I don't know.

It doesn't matter.           What matters?     I tried to pray
a couple times.   I kept getting the machine.          Dad said
he loved me.

He told me that too.                                          What do you
think?                                                                      Hhm..?


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