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Deals with the Devil Help

Hello. I had an appointment to see
Mr. Browser?

Mr. Bowser. Walk this way.

If I could walk that way -

Mr. Bowser? Mr. Zarcas.

Hey! There. Good to meet you. I've heard
more good things about you than a moaning
prime minister. How was the trip?

I haven't eaten on a plane like that since -

Fine. Good. Okay, heard you got a winning act.
Let's just give me a sample, know what to
expect. Then you go up to the mic, let me 
feel it.

It's no good being single today. I went to a 
club last Thursday night. Thursday? Nobody
told me -

That's good. Funny! I like that. Go up on stage
now. I want to hear what you sound like from the
back of the theatre.

Hello. My name's Venus Zarcus. I know you expected
maybe a woman with a name like Venus. But my mother.
She was a hopeless -

I tell you what, kid. I like it. I like what I'm hearing.
You have stuff. You have that kind of face that just 
Wants people to laugh. You have any idea what laughing
causes to drinking? They laugh, they wanna drink. I can't
help it! But I can cash in on it. I love you. I want to
have your contract. Sign. $1500 a week. The second spot,
right before the main event. Then. I like what I hear.
Maybe you do the half hour, you lead. What do you say?

What can I say? It's a deal. I can't believe this!

What can I tell you? You're funny! No one's made me laugh
like that in a long time. I see these fellows come in,
think they're funny, but they're right off the street. 
They don't have your kind of wham! You - bam! Just like
they said from New York. You have got a Killer act! Killer!
You make me laugh! You make the whole of us back there
laugh! What's the matter with you, being so funny?

Ha, ha, I didn't think you heard enough Of me to think -

Oh! Stop it! Stop it! No! Don't say anything!!

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