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We can hail the cosmos
We can get lost in the lyric of the sky
We can hear beautiful & strange
Language, tunes carved through millenniums

(working so hard to sculpt not an edifice of limp importance
but a defining eternal character culled
from quintessence of all that's reeled
that's true, that's right
a labor of light that may purify the rot & sloth of etceteras
dazed in a rash of invention)

Humming along
The melody through static

Let hinges creek open to show worth
Let angels decipher our sideways spiral towards ecstasy

sometimes when high we think
of bloated phrases like that
then scratch ourselves silly in the morning
wondering on the way to work
why we even bother
and then we are answered

Lucid sometimes
Our molecular coordinates
Assembled to receive
Beautiful & strange
Chemistry through the ages
Timeless drunken love songs, or
Angst-ridden rues above the dirt-faced herd

In light
No tunnels
No escape

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