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Before I Float (Through Your Back Porch Still Buttoning My Shirt)

Rainwater tickles down to pool with silence at the edge of this impossible bed
There are shadows overbearing a big fat sun too bashful to ensconce
Which is its only job, shameful, after all this day should be, unfettered

Open the windows for chrissakes let in some air
The sound like Divine surf whispers what's this great sadness
To nourish & collect our being
    a pale moon would suit us better I'm afraid
This frail white filament of a soul, crackling in the tension heat
Like a car bomb this silence blows my mind, my conception of two
    as one

With more to give, more to want, killing me those cancerous weeds pissed forth
In anger your vicious afterthought tangles me in its brush
But I know good life oozes from inside still an occasional treat
Naive, sweet, all promise & apology, a smooth balm for the psyche
That absolves all crime instantly from the room

Tonight within the maelstrom of expectations I will drink
Platitudes digressing from small talk, warm dialogues, caressing     
                                          No nets, no ceilings
In this smiling blue hole we call our home I am swollen in abscess
I am the deep red gauze of your sleeping
Against your kiss I am the cool black silk of your breast
I am the pressure vice that brings you to Yes

Now as I leave smashing mirrors & feeling free I feel metallic wind at my heels
I hear the caterwauling squeals & the three-ring conundrum left behind

Like chaos

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