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In this one thought you return and I am 
posed in every way
my skin is tight, your hair is shorter
you ask the waitress "Where is the poor side of town?"
only because we both want to know where it ends, the
middle border, tracks?
which is why we are here, in the center, eating
dumplings and ice cream, watching out for ourselves
a girl at the next table: "The elderly seem to acquire
and a timer goes off in the kitchen, the reactions are
presupposed, fail safe
I'm adding up prepositions to deduce.
.that I am preposed also.  If I'm not on, by, or in, I
am at the least, away and the center keeps blooming
we are talking chronologically backward, having
already started with right now, we move on to how was
the walk
and you expound the episode in the park at which time
a bald Greek man stared at your butt
the coffee here is burnt, but we don't note it to each
other very often 
you apologize for not meeting me as a child, with a
Frisbee, in the courtyard night 
where there was rain and
our colors of choice were Acappella and Kentucky
bluegrass morning green
my hands were small, scarless, 
soft as these roof beams
I am, in a way, away in the center, preposed on the
see-saw, off the ground
I have to tell you, before the ceiling collapses under
the weight of the night, these nails in my heart are
galvanized, but not waterproof

the weight of the night is soon sunrise and summer
somewhere centered

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