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DAVID KRUMP krinkles poems into little balls

To the Unlikely Stories home pageOnly when you see Stalin and Dionysus woven into the same poem do you realize what a natural fit they are. The poems of David Krump are filled with such associations, along with offbeat images and bizarre line structures that delight the reader while stamping each poem with the author's personality. These are not, however, merely interesting exercises in language: these poems are packed with meaning and emotion. They demand mutiple readings; multiple readings you'll be pleased to give them.

David says, "I am currently a Senior English Writing major at Viterbo University. I have been published in Touchstone: Literary and Visual Arts Review, and The Black Box. I recieved the Genglier award in 1999, my freshmen year at Viterbo. Also, I have judged the Northridge Short Story Contest for the past three years.

"I am the second oldest of eight children, rubbed to life by an organic dairy farmer and a dietary aide. I prefer red wine to white, except during the hotter hours of the year, when I like to drink, through a straw, pale zinfandel hovering ice." You can write to him at djjkrump@yahoo.com.

David's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

A Gardens
Steady, Center