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A Gardens

Left here, forcibly as this
Garden stone, a shale black
Flake coal.  Free of moss
Curious place, should dump 
This second cup of coffee,
Being now very awake
And stop counting on this yard, this
Flower, shoe the bumble bee off
Your toe. 
Oh, and 
Alas, pollination was dramatically 
Important too, which brought 
Us into the late rain, among the 
Pagan pallbearers. 
"Good company"
You always remark after
Such tragic dinner parties: in this 
There was a definitive moment. 
It lingered, seemingly, about the
Chandelier: some said it foreswore
Potentiality like a parachute, 
Winded for the hundredth day, or 
Some strong kite, taut 
On catgut string, wishing to 
Fall into the sky, which by this time
We had noticed, curved slightly 
At the edges 
Like a pie plate.

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