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A Dirge

	"Everything is illusion
	but I am confident that all is well."
		--"Hidden Adept" of Tibet, qtd. By Sogyal Rinpoche

Weighted down by good intentions
that pull me down towards an unappealing
heaven--vain streets of gold and fragile crystal
that guard you from the tongues of flames
of Hades, of Sheol, and the fire pits where
the Adonai judges you for all your kinky
sex.  Everything is illusion.

I feel the inner shadow of an Irish
Wake awakening the life within death.
Celtic knot-work and Hindu mandalas are
decorum for the transmigration of the soul
into another world, another flesh. A final
belly ache from the feast of life that
dances on the urn.  Everything is allusion.