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Also Frankenstein

"Because he was mine the thing I'd made
screamed when he felt the light..."
		-- Lawrence Raab

Behemoth, I called him
he, too, was mine
clumsy and large
oddly endearing
he wanted so 
to please me
brought me crystal
and tissue
it was all 
the same to him
gifts from the Magi
or coffee filters

I wanted more 
from my own creation 
was that wrong
I wanted the stellar
and black cosmos
I wanted illusion
I wanted --
dare I say it --
certainly he was devoted 
he had no choice
I filled his hours
with my marvels of humanity
his rooms with my grandiose longing

But he wasn't content
with my mythology
my reasoning
the folly of Icarus
flew before me
I gave in
opened the thin edge
of the wedge
stood before him
trembling and radiant
I reached inside 
my chest
here is where it burns
and here
and here

My thin hands
held that cold pale light
it glittered
with a blue flame
and flecks of ice.

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