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STEPHANIE ROGERS may or may not be related to Summer Rogers, I didn't ask because I don't care, but it doesn't seem likely, does it?

To the Unlikely Stories home pageSTEPHANIE ROGERS and her handsIt's not easy to describe Stephanie Rogers's poems, outside of the poems themselves, but one label leaps immediately to mind: Electra. With language steeped in eroticism, with free verse and careful form, Stephanie explores the fine and ancient art of father-fucking. These poems are filled with the sort of unapologetic lust that gives you nervous shivers; she'll arouse you as she terrifies you with her clear and clever imagery.

Stephanie says, "I'm in the process of applying to grad school for the MFA. I'm 24 and currently attending Ohio State University where I also play the oboe." Write to her at StephOboe1@aol.com.

Stephanie's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

18 Candles and an Eraser
My Mother's Nipples
Fathers, Teach Your Daughters How to Dance