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furniture lips

your torn like words or a bird's migraine
thirsty eyes hand out furniture
approves of swimming pool make-up
how human torn through sun
people are burning in your suit
it was a song before
cartoon victims knew tight ice
colorado, the moon splits open
making america's saturn face flop
i'll be your lips when you're out of words
don't like the moons egg white eyes
the moon is a tight ice cartoon
you barked like my eyes
are filled with your shadows
the sun can't pressure the moon
don't wanna hear what folds canned speech
it's hard for me unless i love white branches
she's mental through the dark phone
bark for a train; cartoons lips torn
you bark like my eyes pressure the moon
phones are in your party mouth
open the party mouth
don't like the moon saying ow
she's talking to a religious swimming pool
i go back and she's ghost
she's ghost bird, furniture lips
i go back to human furniture

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