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red plastic mystic fish ladle

and in love its alive a bit scary and it tells you
it's a red plastic fish that you put on a thing
from a spicy noodle shop
while i'm home slaving over burnt spaghetti
rubbing up against dreadlocked blondes
i never did like her anyhow
no no not yet for i am the queen
with a measuring spoon
cohesive but did you mean to describe
your fish ladle, it said i'm stubborn
and how are you, it starts moving
like it's the palm called mystic fish
girls with hairy armpits tap into your mouth
your head to face reality
if you eat it, it's time
thursday ok i'm eating next. twice?
it works if you did shower just like this,
perfect. it starts moving your fish ladle
it starts a bit scary and it tells you
mystic fish armpits tap into your mouth
face reality, its time
its a red plastic fish
and in love its alive

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