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sandpaper childhood

i wish your name was buttons didnt bark locked mattresses
mattresses didnt bark downhill in boulder
i guess the day didnt move he said
a storm of bark move he said she moves
you must be drifting in the dark
his ex-wife must be the city im still towards
davids hungry day didnt bark
i wish yoyr name was uh-oh, bad moon
your eyes down the baby sky on the bed of moon
a storm of bark, a star of david
i wish your name was buttons, rice flour
red cat mattress
the trees were burning things
i wish your name was moon acting beautifully
hoot crap, they jump on the bed
we were talking, fell on nebraska
palestinian moon surprises your eyes
if i could lead to your eyes
i say i know once it got dark
your toys fear outer words
i can't see shadows bones in your outer eyes
face the maybe on the bed
there's a woman who has something
we were moving and buttons, we threw buttons
i just sleep with a skeleton
carries your blue windows hands
my red war is ok
i was the thing, green sponge
i'm so happy i would hide in a monster moon
your name was all i can think of
bordello leather hiding my jeans
i search olives made from bouncing green fruit
i remember world war 2 burning your head
remember your little with blue trees
i dream of you and much chaos
i dream of you like burning a mattress
she disappears in bouncing rice cereal
my  boat is green; it doesn't sound right
i dream of you like bird mortgages
i dream of you like a portable sponge bob

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