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DONNA KUHN can't really hear you

To the Unlikely Stories home pageJodie Foster or Robert DeNiro? Only time will tell...Weaving drunkenly around topics of romance, interaction, and poetry itself, the poems of Donna Kuhn giddily explore those aspects of ourselves that we rarely speak of, let alone understand. With images that could come from no mind but her own, she chronicles her outer life as a subset of her inner experiences.

Donna Kuhn has published her poems in over 50 journals and anthologies including Santa Clara Review, Poetry New York, Red Dirt, fuel, forms and Poesy. Her poetry has been choreographed by Natica Angillysí Poetic Dance Theater and is incorporated into her own dance, visual art, found sound collage tapes and video. Check out her web site, Online Web Art, or drop her a line at Donna@OnlineWebArt.com.

Donna's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

tongue paint with Dennis Formento you want her to know
bayou machine ant storm
burning armchair the way winter speaks
some girl my way around
crumbs of my blue blind jello
cold rain mattress weather
egyptian liposuction circus head

ripping wildflowers sandpaper childhood
red plastic mystic fish ladle furniture lips
baby toys 21 blue moon things 3
vampire soup with Lena Kuhn e-mail rant 3
e-mail rant 4 shiver to birds
nigeria blue how you are trees

darkness of stairs with Amy Trussell fire tower with Amy Trussell
black tears with Amy Trussell roses trine with Amy Trussell
war planes (3) looked up
queen of fire (2) with Alethea Eason alethea's mermaid (5) with Alethea Eason
alethea at disneyland (3) with Alethea Eason mr. crayons
mr. absurd brilliant
edit this blue hair moon (2)