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blind jello

i tell her blind jello wolves thaw light if you cant be a girl
antibiotics, a wild bride likes your flower; she is flirting ozone
i say let me go; im homeless, mean clouds sing like blind birds
mute toys drowning my moon; you are pieces of people
the moon is potentially my sarcasm; your dessert makes me think
condoms in your coca cola church make me think im homeless
i wash my face with pencils; jelly bean make you smoke pianos
a museum was born with spaces missing; it feels like teaspoons smoke
your potentially in a sea of sinatra; you are pieces of moon
a wild animal does anything in gaps; toys drowning clouds sideways
hiding bird cue cards for jelly bean stars. sing if you cant
blind jello brides and mute toys for your flower
wild animal to your flower get you inside sponges