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tongue paint
with Dennis Formento

i cant really talk with that tongue paint
while youre making a portrait of me

i hope this answers your note
in some brackish water

the flora in the global warming puzzle
to show something will come in

i havent spent oodles of time
in my stomach

i'd better answer you fully
the south is off to work in the middle of her

for a few minutes in girly clothes
without him

i let her know how i feel
all over her body

i cant help it for about nine years
ending up with a knot, maybe not

but i find myself trying
crushed and crumpled

into delicate sensibilities
a woman who makes me feel

like im wearing a neat little
whistling pursuit

i feel like we're chatting
in these wetlands

brackish systems creep up river
global swamp of what ought to be

whos in the white house
its probably not much different

from her day yesterday
i mean it comes up

im sure most women expect
a more generous friend

so i just have it with her anyway
a friend who ive known in my stomach

which could be interpreted
as a simulacrum of a worker bee

im wearing a neat little whistle woman
who makes me feel like i think

she would rather i didnt feel
i end up in a knot

in the sensitive feelings
i had dinner last night for 9 years

kennedy was a body of course
a massachussets kennedy

an ecologist who is a swamp
across the river

paint my throat; i cant really talk
dont have to engage the rituals

of anyhow but i can tell u
they provide habitat

while yr making a portrait of me
just so u cd dream catharsis

its just theyre not ordinarily in myself
just communicating...hmmmm....yeah

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