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how are you?
still fucked up.
you are a poet.
you like poems.
i am the translation.
right? fucked.
fucking. sure sounds
brilliant.  is it?
i did say i must be fucked.
you are a poet, big deal.
i am big deal.
i am fucked up usually.
i did say brilliant, right?
right.  are you? obsession.
fucking.  fucked up editor
or your obsession.  how are you?
still fucked up.  sounds good.
i must be crazy.
you are usually.  crazy
but good.  be crazy.
fucking how are you?
i'm not fucking.  good.
sounds fucked.
i'm not a fucking editor usually.
i'm not fucking enuf.  you?
i'm not fucking, are you?
usually.  but it is fucked up.
big deal, be fucked.
fucking editor.  fucking.
sounds brilliant.
still you are a poet.
crazy, but it is.
i may be brilliant.
still crazy but brilliant.

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