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mr. absurd

mr. wonderfully absurd stuffing dolls with poems
sex, mental illness, bubblegum
the fabulous prostitutes down the toilet
he lives like sinatra
he keeps them together with rubberbands
he rubs them with crayons
he clips off the top of their heads
he dresses them in sweatpants
he dresses them in jewels
he manipulates them into position
he dresses them in felt
they've got holes in their heads
he puts cloaks around their shoulders
he makes them earrings out of paper clips
he sticks butterflies over their eyes and mouths
he binds their legs in fabric beads
they are trying to speak
he staples their heads to their bodies
he crinkles up the poems till they're real soft
easier to mold, he makes them smile inside
beads speak their bodies, speak over this
he makes then speak over this
prostitutes with rubberbands stuffing
fabric beads with bubblegum.

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