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roses trine

she had your freedom to pinch the moon
i don't need torn television signals
blue shadows shaking teeth
whispered into moon, free mama
mountains with bird's lips sleep downstairs
god in their bones gets alright
drink moon park like money
horses inside books free mama
oh birds free blue foreheads
mountains torn, bratty
you dream fertile whispered jealous tables
books with moon eyes pinch money lips
need her freedom, oh her television
vegas rat fathom free freedom
men with my eyes i wonder in africa
oh my bursting birds lips sleep
my bursting blue shadows
shaking foreheads
she had you going
xerox moon mountains with teeth
i don't need dream big trouble of her
green bride  thinks just biting
myself awhile, test test
bursting xerox moon
i dream big trouble of her,
said frankenstein
i don't need to pinch the moon
she had you formal freedom.

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