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black tears

irish with wings congenial, transparent
always want housing office hair
moon, deal eleanor, small-boned
tomorrow, smoke was into dry bones
clouds fear words tortured like cries
birds wings open primitive light
a woman can't find the eyes
you always cry vegas, clouds
the hair thru ice, your laundry
always cries office
birds come like housing
congenial empty moon
into rings to block ambition
she blew smoke with a
beguiling tomorrow
too small-boned, yes
on the pink pill she was
water, even as we speak
when i sound like some
alien landed
i am the skin i'm under
you always cry city and trees
transportation apathy
black tears in eleanor
dream i see you, alien landed
when i'm molasses
she was too small-boned
tomorrow, she blew
smoke ambition
she was moon already dry
you are never idiot business clouds
never burning tortured birds
always cry clouds, birds bowls
my shoes cry for transportation
i decided not with a beguiling
irish surface, yes, on the pink
water you'll be, even as we speak
sounds like some lordy, don't go
i've seen her mouth shuts
moon into ambition
when your her hand shipwrecked
i am black tears in eleanor
player and his moon.

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