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fire tower

pit each aerial dark ladder we fogged, my dark apple, grind grind
our glass grind.  woman updraft snake puncture rectangle moon.
rind, grind woman  soakings. rivulets, clouds, eggs
trench moon moth. eggs pit moon post.  our soakings on the moon
grind each ovary in swabbed trench.  have been meaning to tell you,
spaces between images.  words i haven't heard of.
our soakings on glass water grind the fogged woman of form.
what is sawhet?  please, the fence post on the moon
into my round wrapped pit fogged in eggs, out flies moth
on the moon in swabbed trench. in swabbed clouds, buried rivulets.
honeycomb woman in each grind.  i'm just going by their sounds.
pretend it's a collage, i know, i should. this one needs more.
spaces, spaces, more, the collage.  spaces spaces.
spaces in it.  the images have been meaning to tell you.
i think you'd enjoy your cut-ups. i enjoy trying it.