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egyptian liposuction

i would rather give up almost anything.
have the fat sucked out of my whore.
you want to get liposuction in egypt?
that is the where the whore is, thank you.
was your dads name on her thighs?
was your dads name almost anything?
my fathers name was green stuff.
its disgusting. i like to throw things.
i could swear its george burns.
what's with the fetuses?
what's going on? you said he's not dead.
dead people in a fancy drawer.
yes, please come here stuffing your face.
i dont want to have almost anything.
i dont want to have my fat sucked.
why are we talking? i would rather give up.
death and thigh fat and stuff.
was my fathers name bernards thighs?
when i'm in the tub i like to throw things.

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