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21 blue moon things 3

bones in blue rice talking birds catering the moon
in the snow shaving the moon no seagulls
that brain breathes i say the city your eyes stop
i say moon i say socks i say seagulls i'm not talking birds
so much beauty i feel biscuits i say i'm not i'm not talking
i say moon i say we would drift he thinks starving
you get blue i say the city chatter he says
we walked moon shaving the moon how are you inside
talking birds catering bones in blue moon things
i'm not talking birds i say seagulls a word and moon
starving birds use your eyes i say your eyes stop
that brain breathes blue things
no seagulls unusual in the snow
blue rice towards the unusual things
i say i'm not catering i feel biscuits
the moon tell me birds i'm feeling