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vampire soup
with Lena Kuhn

yes woozy likes her fungus
yes woozy's red trains shut up the moon
when the vampire soup was on the ground
she stabbed him; yes, woozy likes her fungus, poof!
yes woozy's red trains are safe
birdfeeder, i will talk to every vampire in town
vampire trapped by fungus door
yes woozy red trains was really mad
i will talk to every birdfeeder
i would say with unusual birds,
claire, back to the little bird sunny in the library
just say hi, dancer; angel, he was running this fondue theater
one day it was every bird
yes woozy is cornered
buffy paints pterodactyl faith
i'm gonna eat her purple fungus bird, some watermelon
he likes teeth and started to sang wars in her fungus
see the carved up and down party
so woozy red bird we ran after that
a train of thought, it hurts
cold, take it off, ow ow too cold bird subway scream!
see the carved what to do bird subway
i was born ironing birdfeeders
birdfeeders, yeah, i had 5
what are you doing in a soup kitchen?
every birdfeeder, he said, made from olives
the eagle told of rain days later
the little birds emotional aloha moon said i'm going
yeah, i had 5 red birdfeeders, eyes inside a film
his friends aren't crayons
his friends sang wars to go far
i should train him to be born blonde
ironing baby skin, good , and he did
the prince got whacked
sandpaper prince, i'm ironing
and you don't get to say uh-oh i live in a house
he started to get a teaspoon of the dragon thing
i feared the dragon was going to new mexico
the prince was toxic, so i said to myself
was he a swooning female?
so i said to myself female, that time shut up
he likes teeth so he died
and buffy took it off
dragon, help the dragon!

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