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e-mail rant 3

everybody's up playing violent video games
why do i have to hurt the rain?
why do i have to have chocolate papers?
no, i'm drinking ebola.  what? chocolate and coffee?
she said miscarriages and abortions; i love you too
who's techno machine?
if he's in the ocean just wing it
i felt strangely alone in the ocean
i felt strangely alone cuz of a piece of corn
where he had a meltdown leaping out of bed
it sounds like you didn't upset me
i save it for a reward and uranium, its a relief
for chromium carob malt balls
o the pope is mad, died a long time ago
rick's gonna leave me, i'm so excited
rick is trying to get nice and unique for me?
i had hoped you were all beautiful
sorry i've been bad
it's hell around here, girl
he's obviously anthrax  mix
why do i have to fall from the sky?
i hide like your assessment data
fructose funerals, her skills are fine
rick doesnt like to squeak
i just feel weird and purr
i wanna smash adrenal ow stocks in your future sore throat
i wanna smash adrenal stress cream
well, that's helpful, pencil grippers mad
a truck of a woman, it's called all those sensual ladies
i find it very rewarding; you are going to keep them bimbo honest
my eyelids imploded whatever you need
ulcers, bad feelings; don't get me started
i cried whatever, i get a very bad feeling; it's wonderful

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