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e-mail rant 4

in my poem you have boo boos?
i was very frustrated, thank you
love your ow and waning something
love your ow detached
feels like chemicals bitch rather bluntly
i think i'm tuna, chocolate and ebola tuna
it smelled like girls swooned
don't hurt the sky
o the pope is uranium
ebola parents sat
anthrax, i like that
ebola happens, ebola juice i'm drinking
what? cat barf too and abortions
you feel but i couldn't
a fossil coughs so he does the cooking
i cried chronic eyelids
well, you are my mind
hope your an infection i cried
i felt strangely stuck to the crotch
i love your miscarriages, mmm she says
i love girdle trolls and that sweet assessment
yuck, that sweet assessment to the crotch
chocolate and ebola stress cream office feels like chemicals bitch
dirty fingernails you couldn't handle
you couldn't handle eyebrows
i could walk away
she handles you easy but i've been very hyper
smash the computers, so what
whatever acute treees print exposed with sensual ladies rewarding
was a psychiatrist a spacey bimbo who handled dirty fingernails?
so what, smash the carob trolls in atrocious cream
i've been carob eyebrows
i've been acute trees

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