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nigeria blue

everything's toys, bitch
instant mother
you're gonna have to bring it up to the tall birds
they sat in the instant moon blue
stars walked down the moon
daddy says i look like hell inside your words
all the men in the neighborhood save me
loser, stars come
look where i am taped together
i eat your video blues
i lose my friends or nigeria
stars come taped together
pretending apples are full of sleep
he was trapped pianos
then pianos hang up
i can eat jelly beans
taped together in front of the church
loser, stars come but i eat an apple
you're gonna have birds near your cat
and instant mother if it's deflatable
hang up war planes like i can eat jelly
somone shouts to eat a lamb
i eat stars inside a movie
daddy's mute bitch saves pianos but you fall down
daddy likes blue movie stars but you fall down
save pianos,
loser, look out
she's daddy's loser
daddy likes blue deflatable mother
you're daddy's mute bitch saves pianos but movie stars fall down
everything brings your instant nigeria blue
down your bitch's deflatable stars
we all fall down, bring your instant stars
we all fall down

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