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how you are trees

see your december screams he's a desert
woman, my boulder heart is torn out
tell me love is no dead hands
a woman named shut up
who paints your trapped president bones
swastika crying and u want to talk and talk
your december insinuated a woman shivered
you want to know burning raincoat
a long ride down is never his
tell me that you want to talk and talk
if my fog likes light i was leaves
your stewardess fingers
capsize his ocean
trapped raincoat, laundry hair
file card is screaming and rides away
who paints your laundromat mouth
a woman named never his
who paints your bones
who paints your swastika crying
you want to know
tell me if your fog likes my stewardess
your bones named never his
your laundromat mouth screaming

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