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the way winter speaks

oh you're so chinese sky when stars are fatal shoes
the chinese sky dances when you hand me
all your mermaids, i cant call you

sun swirls around, i am a blonde cowboy
under your fish ladle pharmacist
good, i have green wind, frozen trees

you are loudly her idea of winter
she is petaluma and back
get not back in her

photocopies rain the way winter speaks
hills in your eyes, tell me where the baby
held my storm you're whistling

she is the baby, get not back in her
the tv laughed plus i have your fingers
you're a souvenir, the sun i dont want

weather, i live in a house with
all his romaine, flat baby skull moon
across bird pencils, she's skillet beads

minutes, therapy stars mean across
her mouthwash skin, tv is beautiful
i live in a house or i am mean

suburban men are vulnerable like rock hemp
you can make a fire for six, bark your tall moon
banana bread or something

bob was tall horses, a pollen bar
im not a moon burger
i look at cupcakes

i dyed my hair in car exhaust
white, blonde, pink, red
and black by mistake

he's a loose ocean creative arts bus
the way winter speaks in her
i cant call you when you hand me fatal shoes

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