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burning armchair

god, you cold showgirl
suicide twisted the alligator
gods cold coconut video
god eats your burning armchair
birds of junk mail

your paper clips shut up
my sirens riot across mountains
god eats your face
your twisted real estate is not

like you're a burning alligator moon
sinatras dreaming half a moon
sinatras dreaming coconuts
sinatra, my eyes pasted

the skys vivid word bones
starbucks video eyes
half a moon and he wants
spiderman; he tells me, talk

hey hey, blue lady
sinatras mountain girls like ink
turn your white branches cold
like red moon through your paper clips

sinatra imagines he strokes my eyes
still she cries quiet like skirts
bald spot mama, i cant find
my bouncing moon in your teeth

god eats sirens, god eats mountains
junkmail steals across mountains
cold red moon through her mouth
mouth steals across ice

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