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alethea's mermaid (5)

a split tail girl woke sick with a distant prince
mermaids in my book announced my birth as stuck
she became all mermaids in my book
all this swirling beautiful night
my jaw feels like the morning
this she had to give up
the doctor announced when i first met you i had legs
all i remember that wasn't plastic
all i remember is i tried to hold on
it wasn't just waking incest

(this is untampered,
but you,
if you cut through finally,

feel morning split apart
losing one's society
woman hit by anything beautiful
with distinct aching
legs, arm stuck to my stomach
big inward last legs with a condom
i woke a condom
sheeting atrophy like a condom

um, i may not want to

little mermaid sick
beautiful voice of me
become a woman in mermaids
big inward, some big inward

is that playing fair?

little mermaid had to, had to give
a woman split
whirling becoming sexual, this high
her tail waking me.

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