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alethea at disneyland (3)

the sky looks like red mud.
i want it to scratch my heart.
alethea, daddys' snow singing.
no, this is disneyland, alethea.
this is good in your daddys' benches.
dark eyes start no benches across the snow.
my heart looks like red mud.
start daddys' snow.
spit your daddy across snow.
benches were willing.
start daddys' benches.
you can't start the dark.
you can't start library snow.
no, this is now.
your snow, alethea.
alethea ate the sky.
alethea ate across the snow.
alethea, disneyland is good.
start daddys' beautiful library.
the coffee looks like red mud to go.
benches across the snow.

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