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I Only Want a Taste

Please donít make me guess
I donít want to have to consider
the implications
of your expression.
Please donít spell it out for me
I donít want to have to realize
I donít want to recognize
this moment:	Almost passionate
		Bursting toward compassionate
We could be teetering past friendship,
But that is sure to make me fall.
I only want a taste
the scent of cotton candy
without the sticky mess.

Whitewash your emotion
Paint your sex in pastel colors
It might be nice
to feel you come
but do not make me cross that bridge myself.
If I taste you now
will I tap you and wrap you for the rest of my life?
I cannot recover from an addiction of that magnitude.
And yet
You could finally sate my hunger
But what if you did?
When one ceases to be hungry, what can one do
but sleep?

Iím afraid of satisfaction
I know that it cannot be obtained
In the end
Iím avoiding completion
I donít know what to do when the act is done.

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