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they said it was crazy
and then


tag i'm it

don't call me lazy
just because i'm
not in a hurry anymore

i've got my head
against a door
that holds answers
to questions

whose solutions
have eluded me
for longer than
i care to remember

the rules of the game
have changed,
and i'm not
keeping score anymore

i know that the
other side of that door
waits patiently
for something to happen

on this side
(on the inside)
but i've dropped my key
in your martini glass

and i'm sorry,
so don't push
and i won't shove
my way of thinking

onto your way of drinking
               and dining
              and whining
 about the way things are

or at least were until i came along
and messed up your little moonlight serenade
by getting the lyrics wrong


so i'll just sit over here by my door
and pretend to ignore the fact
that your alibis fit like loose jeans

and that when you talk out of
both sides of your mouth
your fangs show

and your tongue glows

(and everybody knows that's a warning)

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