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Gabby, Goddess of Touch

She's loquacious with Braille
has pimple-speak across loud-to-the-feel jewelry,
'the real thing' chortles buds
on her blacked out tiara
and as we pat her
we acquire wandering eyes.
That all-along downcurve
is contour to spell at any pace.

A stud through the eyelid pronounces 'squint'
but let us dream beyond that
into day-blind pupils, suspended pools.

Ambidestruous pearls
are a paste-croon to summer
and the ingot bones
through each double vision nipple.

But in her belly's bull's-eye
we have 'saturn'
from whose flames
all her bodypops flail.

'Enter at your own risk'
domed on pudenda
and then the anklet's bright idea, 'walk with me'.
And on her toe a gypsum bow
rivets the attention, bumps of
'this is where the touching ends,
the place where you begin'.

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