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godfunk the agony rest
the landlord smiles like the worm in the apple of eden
the neighbors take their hearts down to the cellar to be scrubbed free of thought
white waters rush through me with a voice of hungry hatred without acids
taking the boat of my sorrow down ruined staircases
destroy this house 
the laundry comes back with smeared photographed eyes in it's eternal lint
when my lover leaves in a jingle of coins
and cancels the grim bells with a smile that loops over her shoulders
teeth radiating in the killed leather piles of the room
i become hateful of the mumbling men who surround me
with voices that thump limp-skinned drums over the memory of hers
destroy this house
stop the sirens and the chalk that drifts through them like lying snow
stall the sidewalk that swallows my groin in a winter wind
let the rusty fire hydrants bloom with flowers throwing off rust
let the glasses rattle with stained rainbows in a kitchen commanded by her legs
where i bring her eggs bigger than a man's body
and scramble them on her stomach giving way
opening like a flower fed by cold water and growing hot
in an attic vibrating with flies
we love too soon and the waters are left in automated waterfalls
but our kisses grow in the upside-down bouquet of our tiredness
limping along the pillows and gaining strength with machete tongues
silver in their spittle and her smile slants lustily in the chinks of my tired spine
destroy this house
let this house be overrun with red pubic hair stealing the comfort of the rugs
as the smashed plates of rotting rage slide slowly down the wall
making love to time itself
destroy this house and the opossums that don't live in it's pipes
the cats that can't get in will eat the patriotic lice
from the hair around the lamps drooping with dried sins
my fetal children cancelled in the scream of the lightbulb
my pages crossed by tomorrow night already
i crawl up the neck of her guitar with her teeth in my teeth
and ask her to destroy this house

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