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After the Fact

You know you wanted this to happen.
Every bit as much as I did.
The way you were dressed, the way you acted.
You sent out all the right signals, and I read them.
Sure, you can scream bloody murder, now.
Whine and bitch all you want.
But what would your friends think? Huh?
You’ll say I forced you, that I wouldn’t take no for an answer.
They’ll understand, just like I did, you didn’t really mean "no".
You’re better off saying you thought I was cute,
That you just took one look at me and gave in.
I mean, how much convincing did you really need?
It’s not my fault. I have needs.
And there’s nothing you can do now.
Give me my seven bucks.
The deal is done.
Take the goddamn girl scout cookies.
They’re yours now.