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LISA WITKOWSKI likes her steak that way, thank you

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe writings of Lisa Witkowski are darkly comic, mocking not only our standards of beauty and sexual desires, but tackling emotional concepts as well, making fun of, for example, how we feel about our pets. I think you'll enjoy her strange skewering of those things we hold dear.

Lisa, who doesn't feel comfortable with the title "Artist," says: "I live where I was born, in New York City, my first and only love. I work as a publicist for a New York-based Rock-and-Roll band and I'm currently taking a sabbatical year before hitting the universities. My primary ambition is to be very wealthy, and my secondary ambition is to be a great writer. My hobbies are rabid patriotism and great literature." You can e-mail Lisa at SgtLisa@aol.com.

Lisa's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

July 1998 - July 1999:
After the Fact