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Counting Teeth

My jaw is not hurting so much. 
I believe the microchips were 
knocked out along with my teeth. 

The staff watched me closely so 
I couldn't take out my own teeth: 
so I picked a fight with the biggest 

son-of-a-bitch in this place and 
let him sock me.  I could take a 
punch and it's a good thing he hits 

like a brick wall.  I counted every 
tooth to make sure they were 
all accounted for.  I feel a 

little woozy, but relieved.  I'm 
free of interference, but will 
have to go and have dental 

surgery.  I know they will 
implant new microchips.  Still, 
I can enjoy a little 

privacy until then.  I'll fight 
the son-of-a-bitch again 
to prove I am still the man. 

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