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JOEY MADIA hides in the invisible

To the Unlikely Stories home pageVeering freely from sociopolitical anger to the extremely personal, the poems of Joey Madia are clear and consise, using a wide range of original, yet completely understandable, symbols. Joey uses his words to weave a world of isolation and dissatisfaction, but his poems are nonetheless infused with an energy and bravery that only comes with hope.

Joey says, "In the way of biography, I can only say that I have been sewn up in the fabric of Words for as long as I can remember. First as a reader, then a writer. I wrote my first two novels in high school (long since gone and forgotten -- I think old girlfriends kept them, waiting for me to 'make it') and as a sixteen-year-old in the woes and throes of Shakespearian teenage love, I wrote my first poem. Exactly half a life and 4000 poems later, I have been published along the way in anthologies, school publications and have been asked to create poems for acquaintances to give to their significant others -- in truth, those latter are my favorite credits.

"I have been a practitioner of theatre arts all my life, as a director, actor, teacher and playwright and my plays have been performed in New Jersey and around the country -- one in particular, on teenage abstinence, has toured the southwest United States for several years and has received recognition by the AMA and George Bush's (the original) Thousand Points of Light program. I also have the first in a series of six fantasy-genre novels being considered for representation. I only mention this because I feel like theatre has given me a vividness in my poetry -- a sort of aural/visual program where the words and forms are the characters.

On the ultimate personal side I have a wonderful wife and three kids, and run my own editorial services business -- more threads in the fabric of words. I write because I breathe." Drop him a line at jamadiajr@aol.com.

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