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LINDA ETHERIDGE can stand on your head

To the Unlikely Stories home pageLinda Etheridge's poems present one with a clear-cut meaning, then, upon further reading, grow more and more esoteric, revealing layers of meaning that dizzy with their heights. We are proud to present three of her poems here.

Linda Etheridge says: "I dwell in the quiet town of New Milford, Ct. with a sweet grey kitty and a kind, creative man. Essentially, 'Jazz music is the key to sanity' (me), and the natural world enthalls- there's some good country around here." Born in New York City, she has also lived in upstate New York, on Block Island and Cape Cod.

Linda has been published numerous times on the internet, including Poem Box, Blue Water Journal, the now-defunct Calliope, The Rose and Thorn, The Pittsburg Quarterly, Autumn Leaves, and Wired Art from Wired Hearts. She has also been published in Conneticut newspapers, poetry journals -recently in The Red Crow and Maelsrom- and has won 3 prizes in The New Milford Poetry Contest. She has also had two essays published in Conneticut newspapers. If you'd like to contact her, write to livre@webtv.net.

Linda's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

July 1999 - July 2000:
Love Reckoning
Up Country Inn
A Former Christmas
Keep the Faith