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I Wrote This on a Pink Napkin
the old
of secular convention
the trilateral 
the aliens
oh i forgot 
iím writing 
so these things
are off hand
off the scale
deep into lava blood
filtered by three legged genii
cuzz reality sucks
and if it didnít 
they would have 
to invent a new 
word to describe boredom
yeah i have a lot of questions
about the things i remember 
before i inherited this vessel
but this ship has rung the truth
and sacred is being crucified 
for barrels of crude
reality is fucked up 
canít believe half the shit 
you read
the other half 
is usually produced by some 
splinter group
armed with carcasses
of  cloaked civilizations that 
spoke languages 
we canít siphon 
so drink up 
you geeks
and nomads of geometry 
the signs are here 
written on your body
stitched with logos
and hemmed delicately 
to worn the soul 

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