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KRONOS is keeping track of time, obviously

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWhere are the cute clock images?Poetic storytelling is not a lost art. Indeed, it can coexist with symbolism, obsfucation, and the raw outpouring of emotion, as the poems of Kronos will be quick to demonstrate. These poems are at once charmingly amusing and flatly incendiary, exploring love, hatred, and the art of writing poetry with the same simple voice. Did I mention the lust? Lust and sex are very much involved.

Is there Life After Conception?

There is a certain private country that fantastic music can transport you into. A place where your only required passport is a sense of adventure and the ability to listen intently. It is often in these climates that you can meet inhabitants with multi faceted aspects like Kronos, Bedouin Circuit, Code Poet and Simmon Rain. Four distinct personalities tightly wrapped in one burning mind.

Kronosí life experience as a traveler from his original Haiti to Miamiís sunny shores and an extended stay in Israel has certainly contributed an ethereal if not subliminal multi-nationalism to his music. At once Kronos draws influence from the 10hz resonance of a bass drum to the quiet intellectualism of groups like FSOL & Autechre and the synth driven hip hop beats of the mid 90s while maintaining soundscapes that are as individual as dawn. Couple this sonic alchemy with the fast forward world of his poetry turned lyric and new landscape emerge morph and engage the listener into a state of quiet introspection and self discovery.

Following his own internal compass Kronos continues to plot a multi-meteoric path through the minds of listeners and media. Drop him a line at conceptkronos@yahoo.com.

Kronos's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

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