Unlikely Stories Presents

MATTHEW WASCOVICH assembles it all upside-down

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWith jumping, vibrant images that leave us compelled and enthusiastic, the poems and short stories of Matthew Wascovich energetically run through our triumphs, fears, and dreams. His voice is utterly unique, yet easy to identify with, combining the abstract and the concrete in a world of beauty, gunshots, and three-dimensional eroticism. You'll be thrilled at the world he's delighted to show you.

Matthew Wascovich lives and dies in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. and plays music with Thee Scarcity of Tanks.

Matthew's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Month Dirt Sock Laundry
School of Blatant Memorial
Knife on the Desk
There Are No Fathers in Heaven
Career Electrical Car Crash
Lay Dead
Can You Hear the Cannonball Show
New Elements Suck My Address Book