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ANDREA DRUGAY appears in 32-bit color

To the Unlikely Stories home pageIt's a long, hard journey to wherever it is we're going, and the poems of Andrea Drugay chronicle it expertly, from childhood to maturity. Her multi-layered symbols make each of her poems highly re-readable, without being obtuse. In these words you'll find perfect, coherent glimpses into chaos and confusion. You'll enjoy the three pieces we present here.

Andrea says, "I have an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. I live in SF and write fashion/shopping articles for a website (www.sfstation.com). My poems have been published in a few places, including another online journal, Wings Magazine.

"I believe that creation is life but I haven't yet decided if the opposite is true." You can contact Andrea at oh_spacegirl@yahoo.com.

Andrea's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Jar of Coins
Fuschia, or, For heaven's sake I left the light on by mistake