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But haven't you ever
thought something
dirty? something
liquid-heat irrational
and rationed off
portions of thigh
meat, calf
muscle, hip
bone in your head
(let's see, that'll be a lick,
one slip beneath
the pocket change
just a little, just)
and then the breast
bone, and the belly
to where water
pours down
through the top
of your head and up
through the apex
of your spine
to the space
beyond stars
behind your rationality
beyond your portion-counting
epidermal layer
to the blood
and the tissues
and the bone
to crack 
and splinter
and gnaw
but mostly
the sweet juice
life blood
like Darwin said
or was it Thoreau?
to suck the marrow 
until it has been sucked dry
and all you're left with 
is the hollow bone
on which
you play
your pipes.

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