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The autumn leaves are falling, Ann,
Bright orange, red, and brown.
The wintry wind is blowing them
Across the barren ground.

Remember how they used to crunch
and rustle 'neath our feet,
While gray squirrels hoarded acorns
So in winter they could eat.

The song birds have migrated south
To escape from the cold,
While on the trees what leaves are left
Have turned a brownish gold.

The sunlight wanes, and when I breath
I see my misty breath.
The leaves surrendering their lives
Bring me to thoughts of death.

How sad and melancholy
Are the frosty autumn days,
Although the hills and valleys with
Vermillion are ablaze.

The lakes and streams are frozen
Underneath a sky of blue.
Please tell me, Ann, in heaven,
Do you have autumn, too?

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