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All Hallow's Eve

This was the night of Halloween,
When skulls cried out beneath the earth;
And spirits rose up from their graves,
To superstitious fears gave birth.

The old witch cackled with delight,
And sprightly leaped upon her broom;
The startled children cried in fright,
As specters drifted from the tomb.

To celebrate All Hallow's Eve,
Huge bats came streaming from their lair,
And flitting in the sky with ease,
Became entrapped in children's hair.

Cadavers from their graves came out,
A cat as black as night drew near,
And ghosts and goblins danced about,
While boys and girls turned pale from fear.

A million doors were barred against
The ghouls hungry for human souls,
But the unholy visitants,
With eyes glowing like red hot coals,
Walked though the walls,
While those inside, with fear and trembling,
Held their breath,
As they saw drifting through the halls
The grinning visages of death.

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