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Vocabulary of Touch

Between two people there 
       is only
impetus act as 
when two young 
still ripe with 
        Baby fat-
         They share salvia,
breath, heat, passion...

Passion comes from the Latin,
       passus, meaning to suffer.

       The boy slides his
calloused hand into the
       darkness of her soft
cotton panties.  Passion.

Emotion comes from the Greek
       meaning motion from within.

       She arches her 
back into the plush sofa
       with the neurons 
firing into stimulation. Emotion.

Magnets pull themselves 
       to each other.

       The scents 
and feel of
       flesh devouring the
void between two
       exploring friends
            fumbling into

Love is a measurement 
       of declining space
between two bodies.

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